Zithromax (active substance of the drug – Azithromycin)


Zithromax – a representative of the antibiotics group of last generation, which is effective against a large number of pathogenic bacteria. The drug has a broad spectrum of activity, and therefore it is often used in the treatment of upper (ear, nose and throat) and lower respiratory tract (inflammation of the bronchi and lungs). In addition, azithromycin used in the treatment of infectious diseases of the urinary tract (urethritis – inflammation of the urethra), a provocateur who are most often chlamydia – microorganisms that can not be assigned to any viruses or bacteria.

Recently, azithromycin is widely used in the treatment of diseases of a stomach and the duodenum caused by the aggressive action of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, i.e. multiplying bacteria destroy the cells in our stomach, releasing harmful substances that lead to inflammation of the stomach and duodenum and provoke the development of gastric cancer.

As with any drug, azithromycin has contraindications. It is not assigned to patients with impaired renal and hepatic function, if you are hypersensitive drugs in this group of antibiotics, newborn children, breast-feeding. It was appointed that for pregnant women the use of azithromycin has significantly high risk. Azithromycin is also prohibited to accept people with heart rhythm disorders.

The drug is well tolerated and easy to use because it should be applied once a day. Azithromycin, like all antibiotics, can not be used without a doctor’s prescription. Only a doctor is able to choose the right antibiotic, its dosage and duration of admission in each case. Only effective treatment to prevent the disease and its complications.

How often you can use Zithromax?

Zithromax – is an antibiotic, all antibiotics can be used as many times as there is a need. Of course, the ideal – before taking an antibiotic – to check whether sensitive to it your microflora. If you want to treat throat – make a sowing throat but if something else- you should make any other analysis.

Azithromycin is an active substance of a large number of similar drugs. Depending on the manufacturer where this drug is produced, azithromycin has a different half-life and a variety of toxic effects on the body.